Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Learning to fly...

   Sukie wanted to go over to her new friends' place and she didn't have a ride so she decided to ride on the broomstick. I think that I would probably learn how to ride a flying broomstick first, and then go up high in the air and ride one because, it can be dangerous. What I think is going to happen next is that Cousin Hepzibah is going to find out that Sukie rode the broomstick, and then she's going to teach her the correct way to fly a broomstick.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Brooms and bats?!

   I made a prediction thinking that something was going to happen with that broom that Sukie has, and I was right! While Sukie was asleep she heard something strange so she woke up and found the broomstick flying and she also found a bat. How strange would it be finding a bat in your room!! What I would do if I was Sukie and I saw the bat, I would start freaking out and start throwing things at it. Since she saw the broomstick flying I am keeping my thought on Cousin Hepzibah being an actual witch, and yes, because of the broom.

Giver book vs. the movie

Giver book vs. Movie

   In my opinion I think that the movie is better than the book. The book and the movie aren’t as different but there are still things that you do not catch while you're watching the movie. You might stop and think “Wow, that’s different than the book!” I have three reasons why the movie is better than the book. One reason is, the movie adds more action than the book, you can actually see it and you don’t have to imagine it. A second reason is there is more details. And the final reason is that there are specific changes in the movie than the book.

  The first reason I think the movie is better than the book is, the movie adds action, a lot of action, and it leave us in suspense. One example is when Jonas jumps out of the Community with Gabriel on the motorcycle. We weren’t sure what was going to happen next. Did they survive? Did they die? Who knew. We kept wondering until, they showed what happened next. Also the movie sort of made Asher and Chief elder against Jonas for breaking all the rules. This added much more action and more rivalries between them.

  The second reason is in the movie, they added more details. What I mean by that is like they changed the ages of Jonas, Fiona, and Asher. Therefore they could experience more things in their life like, romance, getting in trouble, and even getting into fights.

  And for the final reason is that there are very, very specific changes in the movie. An example is, Fiona and Asher get different jobs than in the book. In the movie, Fiona is a Nurturer, and Asher is a Drone Pilot. In the book, Fiona was Caretaker of the old and Asher was an Assistant Director of Recreation. Then instead of the Giver and Jonas looking into each others eyes to receive memories, they touch each other's matching birthmarks to get the memories. And for the last example of this reason is that the ending in the movie is better because it gives us a glimpse about where Jonas and Gabriel ended up. In the book it leaves us wondering if they survived or if they died.

  Once again, I think the movie is better than the book because it added more action, added more details, and it had specific changes.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Resuming in on the book "The Poe Estate"

   Sukie (the main character) got off the phone with her new, good friends Libbet and Andre. They asked how the doorknobs worked that Sukie sold to them. That is a very odd question, I would say "they open doors" because, what else can doorknobs do? Then they wanted her to come down to their place, on a broom. I think since both Libbet and Andre know Sukies cousin, they think she knows how to ride a broomstick, like witches. I think that Sukies cousin (Cousin Hepzibah) is a witch, and that broomstick that she gave Sukie, was actually a broomstick you could fly on. I think what's going to happen next is that Sukie is going to ask Cousin Hepzibah about the broomstick, and maybe, if it can fly.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A look into Grandpa's past

A look into Grandpa’s past

  It was a cold day, well actually it was raining and I finished eating ice cream and I asked “Can I interview you Grandpa for Mr.Coward's class?” to my “Grandpa”. He wasn't technically my Grandpa by blood, but by heart he definitely was. “Yeah of course” he responded. His voice was a little bit scratchy since he was starting to get sick. The backstory of me and basically everyone else calling him “Grandpa”, was because he and his wife are really close friends with my mom, so one day a friend called him “Grandpa” instead of Jack, which is his real name. And ever since I was born until now I’ve called him “Grandpa” and nothing else. I chose Grandpa because I felt like he had a really interested life, plus all of the stories that he’s told me over the years.

  I visit Grandpa and Rachel (his wife) every week on Wednesday’s, I’ve been going over to there house ever since I was around 4 years old and everytime I go over, I never want to leave. Reasons why I love going over to their house is because they have so much actual good food and they’ll let me have as much of it as I want to. But other than that, it's fun hanging out with them, talking or discussing about stuff, and just chillaxing. I asked if it was okay to record our interview and he said it was fine so, I grabbed my phone and I was ready to start. “Alright let's get started” I said. Grandpa nodded his head slowly.

What was your childhood like?
  He informed me that he grew up on the shore of Lake Superior, and it was very very cold in those days. Everyone grew up learning how to hunt, including himself. He hunted for rabbits, deer, bears, beavers, etc… And he also said that he bought his first gun when he was only 8 years old!! I know that in today’s time, no one would allow that because most children are very irresponsible. “I ran home to my mom and said that the gun was only eight dollars so she gave me the money and a note saying it was okay for me to have the gun” he stated.
  I stared at him like he was talking a different language and i said “Wow. How is that even possible?” and he responded “Well that was years ago, and rules were much more different back then” I nodded like I understood but I still couldn't believe it.

What are some lessons you learned as a teenager?
  He said he learned that if you listen to your parents, do exactly as they say, it will pay from any other consequences because, they can trust you later on. “My parents had full trust in me by the time I was in 5th or 6th grade because, I followed all the rules” Grandpa said.
  In between every question I asked, his eyes looked down at the ground as he was trying to remember everything. He took at least 15 or more seconds to answer my question, but I wasn’t rude so I waited very patiently, even though I get really impatient with people.

What are some important choices in your life?
  “It wasn’t exactly my choice but, when we moved to one end of town to the other, my mom enrolled me in a school” He said it was part of the Northern Michigan University. So when graduated he was automatically qualified to go to a University.

What are you most proud of when you were any age?
  He liked helping others and, of course, when he was 31 he moved to Hawaii, mostly because he got tired of the cold weather in Michigan, and then he met his beautiful wife.

What was your favorite thing to do for fun?
 “ In Michigan I liked to go hunting, fishing, play hockey,and all the other sports” he said. He also said that his school was really small so if they wanted, they could play all of the sports there was.

Who was your role model while growing up? Why?
  Grandpa said that his role model was his dad. He did everything that he did. His dad was a fisherman, and a hunter, so he followed everything his dad did. “If he had a job to do around the house, I would try and help him. I learned all sort of things from him while I was growing up.” Grandpa said.

  I was more amazed of Grandpa’s childhood and how he did things or what he did back then. “You have a really interesting life Grandpa.” I said.
“Yes I indeed do, whether it was a rocky childhood or a great childhood, I enjoyed all of it.” he responded. I liked listening to other people’s stories, because you can learn a lot from other people, especially when they are some what related to you but at the same time not related to you at all.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Is deja vu just dreams coming true?

   Does deja vu happen while we are sleeping? Thats what people predict. Scientists are predicting that deja vu happens while we're sleeping, and while were sleeping, were dreaming. Its more of short moments of dreams coming true, and then it happens the next day, two days, or even a week until you have the deja vu. Since most people can remember every single detail we dreamed the night before, its possible coming true. But, you don't always remember everything in your dream that happened. That may have to do with the deja vu that you have later on. But who knows maybe deja vu can be when your dreaming at night, or even day dreaming in the middle of class when your bored.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why does deja vu happen?

   There has to be a reason why deja vu happens. Right? So what causes it and whats the reason?
Some people think that it happens mostly to young people, they have active minds and are always thinking, I mean always, maybe even more than adults. Others say that, when you dream you can remember them, you read a lot of books, and watch movies, and also it may be because your stressed.  About two thirds of adults reported at least having one deja vu experience, deja vu seems to occur most often to people with frequently similar imaginations also.